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Real Estate Affiliate Referral Program

Real Estate Referral Program

You only have a limited amount of time in the day and finding quality investment opportunities for your investors can prove to be a challenge.  You may have clients and investors who ask you about investing in markets outside your area of expertise and you may be unclear on how to uncover good investment opportunities for them. This can be a lost opportunity and you can lose control by passing them on to other local agents.

Now you can provide Norada's wealth-building real estate investment opportunities to your clients and investors and benefit from our generous referral program!

By becoming an Approved Partner you will be able to leverage the size and negotiating power of Norada Real Estate's Investment Group to bring our real estate investment opportunities to your investors and earn referral fees equivalent to full cooperating commissions.

Here is a list of benefits provided as an Approved Partner:

  • No need to find investment properties
  • No need to compete with other agents
  • No need to call  to check availability
  • No need to schedule appointments
  • No need to drive clients around
  • No need to spend money on expenses like gas, lunch, etc.
  • No need to preview properties
  • No need to show properties
  • No need to write offers
  • No need to negotiate counter offers
  • No need to file escrow work
  • No need to deal with lenders
  • No need to deal with inspectors
  • No need to meet with appraisers
  • No need for ongoing follow-up and phone calls
  • Referral fees starting at $1,000 per close

Contact us today for information on becoming an Approved Partner.

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