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21 Ways to Escape the Rat Race Faster

Here are 21 ways to compress the distance from where you are now to financial freedom:

  1. Earn more, and save more.
  2. Spend less – thus reducing the amount of passive income you need to become financially free.
  3. Leverage other people’s time, other people’s knowledge, other people’s relationships, other people’s money, other people’s deal flow.
  4. Use leverage to create positive arbitrage.
  5. Start a business in parallel to your W-2 job so you can earn – spend – tax,  rather than the job trap of earn – tax – spend.
  6. Be a market cycle investor – buy in a Buyer’s market, and sell in a Seller’s market.
  7. Be a lifelong learner.  The more you learn, the more you earn.
  8. Include your spouse in your financial education and goal setting and dream building.
  9. Work with a financial mentor who is financially free.
  10. Invest and work for what the investment and the job will teach you.
  11. Invest in relationships.
  12. Getting rich slow is better than trying to get rich quick and never getting there.
  13. Embrace failure as an opportunity to grow.
  14. Write down your long-term goals and your daily to-do lists.
  15. Write down your compelling “Why”.
  16. Schedule your day and your life – live life by design.
  17. Use your time in your vehicle for studying audio programs.
  18. Protect yourself from negative people and negative environments.
  19. There will never be a perfect time to launch.  Take action then make course corrections as you go.
  20. Get around people who think radically different than you – spending time with “like minded” people is a recipe for producing results you already have – you will become the sum of the people you associate with.
  21. Lower your income tax burden using IRAs, 1031 exchanges, and long-term capital gains rather than ordinary income, HSAs, and S-corporation tax status to lower your self-employment status.

  1. Comment by David Poles
    August 17th at 8:18 am 

    Thanks for this article. Great tips!

  2. Comment by Daniel Hughes
    August 23rd at 2:38 pm 

    “Getting rich slow is better than trying to get rich quick and never getting there.”

    So true.

    All of these tips are great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Comment by David Bracken Sr
    June 12th at 9:57 pm 

    Thanks for all the valuable information you’re providing to those who wish to grow in RE. Your website is full of very informative RE education. Thanks again, David

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