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8 Hottest US Real Estate Markets To Watch In 2018

Hottest US Real Estate Markets 2018

After another year of rising home prices and declining inventory across the USA, it has become increasingly difficult to find a market which can fetch a reasonable return on your investment. In 2018, the US real estate market shows no signs of slowing, and is slated to remain among the world’s top performers, according to a forecast from Fitch Ratings. The home prices are expected to rise 4.6 percent in 2018. Here are the 8 hottest US real estate markets to watch in 2018. These markets offer a rare combination of better than average job growth, good development and some runway before homes become overpriced. For example, Orlando home prices increased 9% in 2017, hitting an average of $247,550. The market forecast is that the prices will increase 35% by the start of 2021. Similarly, we have presented the forecast and trends of the seven other top performers in the US real estate market.

hottest real estate markets 2018

Houston Real Estate Market

The Texas real estate market has been pretty quiet for a little under a decade now, but the real estate market in Houston has managed to remain relatively consistent while its surrounding areas have dragged their feet. There was a time when Houston seemed immune to the highs and lows of housing cycles, but it now seems to have joined the pace of the national average. But its rate of appreciation continues to be slightly above the national rate. The Houston Real Estate Market is becoming a hotbed of buyer activity that could be really beneficial for real estate investors; just ask the multitude of overseas investors who are choosing Houston as the city of choice to invest in for the foreseeable future.

Houston Real Estate Market

With an extremely diversified economy and a huge demand for housing, the Houston real estate market remains one of the top markets in the US for real estate investing. The most recent population figures for the city show a figure of more than 2.3 million people, and the past two decades have seen billions of dollars in both public and private investment to develop areas and make Houston a more attractive place to live and to visit. Residential units, hotels, office buildings, restaurants; the city goes into 2018 with continuing development projects that promise to keep the real estate market strong.

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Dallas Real Estate Market

Dallas Real Estate Market

Dallas real estate market offers some great profit-generating opportunities to all types of  real estate investors. Whether you’re buying your first income property or just adding another one to the portfolio, Dallas real estate market is a great place to do so as it doesn’t get any more “location” than this. Dallas has a strong economy and a constant populations growth and will make your pockets bigger. As rents goes up smart investors should invest in Dallas real estate. Purchasing an investment property in the Dallas real estate market,whether it a single family home or a multifamily apartment is an investment that can pay out some huge benefits in the event that you have some experience and education in real estate investing. You have to know the best places to put your money in real estate so you must do some extensive research to find out the best neighborhoods in Dallas real estate market.

If you have decided to invest in Dallas real estate you can either buy a fixer-upper or you may want to buy a Dallas investment property. The Dallas real estate offers a wide range of turnkey investment properties; you just have to find your tenants to rent out the property. Hiring a local property management company can help in finding tenants for your investment property in Dallas. If it is your first time to invest in Dallas real estate, then you would have to be aware of common beginner’s mistakes. Beginners would usually follow the media, buy a property and wait for its value to increase. This could be risky. Real estate investing requires research. This article will help you in choosing some of the best neighborhoods in Dallas real estate market where it is most suited to buy an investment property. We recommend doing your own research and hiring a local real estate broker for guidance. You should also join real estate investment clubs in Dallas, Texas and try to make connections with fellow investors. To be effective in the real estate industry, a concrete marketing design is vital. The real-estate market is constantly changing in their methods on how to look for that right property.

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Atlanta Real Estate Market

Atlanta Real Estate Market

If you are looking to buy an investment property in the Atlanta Real Estate Market, it is only common that you are on a constant chase for the best neighborhoods to choose in the housing market of Atlanta, GA. You must also know about the Atlanta Real Estate Market Forecast in 2018, including its upsides and downsides. One of the investment properties that you can buy is a turnkey rental property, which is a completely practical option for new real estate investors who do not know how to fix and flip in real estate. In any case, before you can choose whether it  is the correct investment option for you, you need to learn about turnkey property investing.

Should you invest in Atlanta Real Estate Market? Located in the state of Georgia, the city of Atlanta is a hotpot for any type of real estate investmentAtlanta has shown promising population growth and employment, which are two signs of a healthy real estate market. You can purchase investment properties in Atlanta for as low as $127,000. Comparing that to the national average, which is $152,000, that’s a pretty significant deal!

Let’s take a look at some of the best suburbs in Atlanta that you might want to consider looking into. Here are the best neighborhoods in Atlanta, which have an overall Niche grade of A or A+. We’ll be taking a look at some of the important details of these neighborhoods of Atlanta: from population to crime rates to average real estate prices.

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Birmingham Real Estate Market

Birmingham real estate market

If you are thinking of buying properties in the Birmingham real estate market, you might be wondering whether it is a right decision or not. Well, for a start let us know a little bit about this beautiful city of Birmingham. It is in no doubt the most populous city in the state of Alabama. There are several factors that have led to the truth of this statement. It is 330 square kilometers of land and 5.2 square kilometers of water. The city was first founded in the year 1871 AD. Since then, the city of Birmingham, Al has seen an upward trend in terms of its population growth. One of the factors that have led to this increase is its rich nature of mountainous ridges and good share of physical scenery. Since its year of discovery, the city has been an educational central of state of Alabama and has been the favorite destination of many educational aspirants who come here to seek the careers of their choice. 100’s of schools have been set up in the city of Birmingham and several top notch universities. The city’s ever growing population shows a need for real estate investments and developments for the good of the new growing population. Therefore, buying Birmingham investment properties is considered to be a wise decision by experienced real estate investors who know the market very well.

Norada Real Estate Investments offers some amazing deals on investment properties in Birmingham. Click on the link for exclusive off-market turnkey properties for sale.

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Orlando Real Estate Market

Orlando real estate market

Owing to its picturesque beaches and rapidly improving quality of life, Orlando, FL is proving to be a secure real estate investment destination for not only local but also international investors. With an average rental of $1,599, the Orlando real estate market is expanding at a great pace and people from all over the country and even beyond are either choosing to move permanently or invest here. Compared to other cities with competitive real estate markets, investing in Orlando real estate market makes more sense since it has experienced a 6% increase in property prices in a year.

Owing to people from various walks of life and demographic differences choosing to reside in the suburbs of Orlando, this city is going through a major population growth. During the last 3 years, the population in Orlando has been growing at the rate of 7.2% which has never been experienced by this city before. Orlando is rapidly becoming a central attraction for businessmen, students and small families owing to its growing trend of upward life mobility which makes lures investors to invest in the Orlando real estate market.

Compared to saturation in similar markets in other cities like New York, Orlando real estate market has all the indicators of a flourishing growth in the current year. Emerging Trends in Real-Estate 2018 has listed Orlando as the 16th growing real estate market in USA with potential to grow rapidly. This list also includes other cities from Florida like Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and St. Petersburg.

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Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville real estate market

At this moment there is an enormous development going on in the Jacksonville real estate market. Last year, the average sales in the Jacksonville housing market recorded a 10.3% increase from 2016. Average sale prices of Jacksonville properties have been rising by about 6.5% every year. This is a good increase in value for real estate owners have invested in Jacksonville real estate. There are also strong indicators of low property vacancies, jobs, rising rents and single family rental unit developments, factors that are known to attract real estate investors into a city.

In Jacksonville, the availability of jobs is set to increase by 42% in the next ten years. A wise move by investors in the Jacksonville real estate market would be to buy properties now to take advantage of that growth and rising housing need. More jobs in Jacksonville means more people would like to live in this city and therefore, they need good housing facilities.

Jacksonville consistently features in the rundown for real urban communities with a low cost of living. Housing, especially in a few territories, is stunningly affordable as compared with the numerous different urban areas on the East Coast. The cost of living isn’t just lower than the U.S. national average, but at the same time it’s lower than Florida average. Ever since the recession, home prices in the country have generally reduced. This may be normal in other areas, but if you get in a tropical coastal region, you are lucky. In Jacksonville, people are investing with just under a hundred thousand dollars to buy and revamp a property. This amount is only two thirds the revamping costs as well as the national median. There is hardly a probability that you’ll lose when you buy property at lower prices than the replacement cost, which is what is currently going on in Jacksonville real estate market.

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Detroit Real Estate Market

Detroit Real Estate Market

This year, the Detroit real estate market can be seen to be flourishing since people from all across the US are considering to invest in Detroit. In addition to this, many older residents of the city are also considering a move back to their hometown because of the prospects here. With a population of around 4.3 million and average household income of around $53,000, Detroit is moving rapidly upwards when it comes to both population growth and development. Also, of notable mention is the fact that the in the Detroit housing market, the median house value has increased to 40% since 2017. Detroit stands with Orlando, Kansas as well as Columbus and Atlanta, when it comes to real estate market released their list of the “hottest” markets in the country for January 2018, according to how long houses stay on the market and by listing views in mid to large markets. Detroit real estate market landed in top 20 of the hottest real estate markets in the U.S. This is the second month in a row for Detroit-Warren-Dearborn at the #19 spot. The median age of inventory – or how long the homes last on the market – came in at 68 days for Detroit.

While the general rates of the Detroit real estate market are increasing, buying a property here is still more affordable than other competitive markets. Even though housing prices in Detroit are rising, among large cities, Detroit is still pretty affordable. A new report from “” compared home values in the largest cities in America to see how much you can get for $100,000, and Detroit is #1 on the list. The data was taken from Zillow from 2015 and the findings determined that $100,000 can get you about 2,850 square feet in the city.  Investing in the Detroit real estate market today will get potential owners a range of properties at cheaper rates and they can either rent them out for improved cash flow or sell them whenever the market is soaring high. released their list of the “hottest” markets in the country for January 2018, according to how long houses stay on the market and by listing views in mid to large markets. Detroit real estate market landed in top 20 of the hottest real estate markets in the U.S. This is the second month in a row for Detroit-Warren-Dearborn at the #19 spot. The median age of inventory – or how long the homes last on the market – came in at 68 days for Detroit.

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Tampa Real Estate Market

tampa real estate market

Tampa Real Estate is gaining popularity owing to its housing market where a number of investors have been putting in their stakes. Tampa FL Real Estate is growing steadily, prices are still low and properties have a good chance for appreciation in the coming years. 2017 was an important year for the real estate in Tampa FL as it experienced an 11.1% increase in the housing mostly owing to the growth in employment opportunities.

The average price of residential properties in Tampa is around $136,000. However, investors can also find properties for as low as $90,000. On the other hand, the average monthly rent is around $995. With a population of more than 4 million, Tampa, FL is not only an attractive metropolitan area but is also one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations. There are a number of economic and development prospects attached to this market and Tampa, FL has been described as one of the hottest real estate markets in the US in 2018. Compared to markets in Atlanta, Nashville and Cleveland, Tampa has higher prospects when it comes to residential and commercial property investments.

Tampa Florida Real Estate is one of the most affordable in the state. Tampa Florida was the ranked as the 5th hottest real estate market for rental homes in 2017. There’s a tremendous amount of pent-up demand for entry level single family homes in the real estate in Tampa FL. The prices of residential properties in Tampa are growing at a fast pace, though they are still affordable compared to other real estate markets in the country. This is the time for investors to get hold of properties and keep them for some time before selling them at a higher price since Tampa real estate market is predicted to flourish during 2018.

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