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How to Track Your Real Estate Portfolio | Podcast

Passive Real Estate Investing Podcast

In this episode we talk to Joel Grasmeyer, a real estate investor, engineer, and entrepreneur who started in 2004 to create user-friendly, yet powerful tools for real estate analysis.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  1. The importance of tracking your rental properties.
  2. What metrics do most investors like to track?
  3. What tools do real estate investors use?
  4. What is
  5. Mobile phone Apps that can also help investors.

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How to Track Your Real Estate Portfolio  (PREI 015)

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  1. Comment by Pierre Jacques
    September 15th at 11:29 pm 

    I’m now on trail period. I’ll have to make full use of it. I may purchase in 29 days.

  2. Comment by James
    November 19th at 1:48 am 

    Yes it’s very important.

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