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Market Spotlight: Cash Flow in Kansas City | Podcast

Passive Real Estate Investing Podcast

In this episode we take a look at Kansas City, MO and why it’s such a great market for real estate investors.  Most investors are not even aware of the incredible opportunities available to them there.  So we’ll dive in and take a look at why it’s a great market and what you can expect to find for your real estate investment portfolio.

Kansas City is a largest city in Missouri made up of 147 constituent neighborhoods.  With a population of over 463,000 people in the actual city, the greater metropolitan population is expected to grow to 2,200,000 by 2020.

The overall education level of Kansas City citizens is substantially higher than the typical US community, as 29.6% of adults in Kansas City have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Jobs are plenty with many large employers spread across a diverse range of industry sectors, and the cost of living is 15.3% below U.S. average.

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Market Spotlight: Cash Flow in Kansas City, MO  (PREI 013)

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