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Top 10 Real Estate Investing Books

There are literally thousands of books on real estate investing.  I myself have one of the largest collections of them known to mankind!  But seriously now, I do own a rather large bookshelf jammed full of real estate books, tapes, CDs and DVDs.

So I thought I would share my top 10 real estate investing books with you.  That’s not to say that I only have 10 favorites, because I could easily add another 10.  But for those of you looking for some good book recommendations they are:

I invite you to comment on my selection and add some of your favorites.

Happy reading!

  1. Comment by Hank Levine
    April 29th at 9:03 am 

    You might want to check out “The Armchair Real Estate Millionaire” by Hank Levine. It’s the only book ever written about commercial net lease investing. Most real estate investors have no knowledge of this excellent investment strategy where the tenant pays taxes, insurance and does all the maintenance.

  2. Comment by Leo Rodriguez
    November 13th at 6:07 am 

    Recommendation and tips…

    1) The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investment (Spencer Strauss & Martin Stone) – It is a really good foundation book with time tested strategies. Very realistic.

    2) The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (Gary Keller) – While not an investment book, I truly enjoy Keller’s writing. This particular one gives you a very good view inside the world of high producing agents with techniques and workflows that can be translated to your investment profession.

    3) TIP – NEVER buy books at list price! – here are three tips for you:

    – Amazon always has their marketplace alternatives to any regularly priced book. Check them out, it is usually a small link below the regular priced book. I have bought all my books by pennies on the dollar. I also love used books, they have “soul”.

    – Amazon allows you to pay with your credit card points. I have bought my last dozen or so books with my AMEX points. It costs me absolutely nothing to use my points, really convenient.

    – If you are a Kindle user, many new authors run “specials” for their Kindle versions. In order to promote their books, they sell them normally for $0.99 for a while to build their initial readership. If there is something you are interested in, download a Sample and check it our frequently. I bought a lot of Altucher’s books for a 10th of their price.

  3. Comment by Marco Santarelli
    November 13th at 11:02 am 

    Thanks for the great suggestions Hank and Leo!!

  4. Comment by Jordan Buys Houses
    February 7th at 7:31 am 

    I love the books that you mentioned. Do you have any favorite books for just business? I myself love 10X by Grant Cardone, and The Millionaire Mindset (I forgot who that is by).

  5. Comment by Marco Santarelli
    February 7th at 9:47 am 

    Thanks Jordan! The Millionaire Mindset is by T. Harv Eker. 🙂

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