Sunshine State's Dark Side: Florida's Most Dangerous Cities

Lake City leads the pack with a violent crime rate 4x higher than the state average. Stay safe!

#1: Lake City - A Shocking Reality

Just outside Miami, Riviera Beach faces a murder rate 7x higher than the national average. Be cautious.

#2: Riviera Beach - Paradise with Peril

Cocoa's violent crime rate is 2.8x higher than the nation's average. Burglaries and assaults are common.

#3: Cocoa - Space Coast Struggles

Florida City holds the unfortunate title of carjacking capital. Violent crime is a major concern.

#4: Florida City - Carjacking Capital

Miami Beach's allure comes with a risk. Violent crime is 4x higher than the state average. Stay alert!

#5: Miami Beach - Glamorous But Risky

Daytona Beach's party scene hides a dark side. Violent crime is a major public safety challenge.

#6: Daytona Beach - Beyond the Races

Lake Worth Beach shows improvement, but caution is still advised. North areas have higher crime rates.

#7: Lake Worth Beach - A Tale of Two Cities

Lauderhill's violent crime has spiked 20% in recent years. Be aware of the increased risk.

#8: Lauderhill - Crime on the Rise

Orlando &  ️ Tallahassee grapple with violent crime. Though efforts are underway, be informed.

#9 & #10: Orlando & Tallahassee - Sunshine With Shadows

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