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The Important Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing

April 9th, 2024
If you are planning on increasing your wealth, the best investment to deal with is real estate. Investing in real estate has some incredible tax benefits. Other benefits are an increase in property value due to appreciation and good cash …Read more  »

1031 Exchange Rules 2024: How To Do A 1031 Exchange?

February 18th, 2024
Are you a real estate investor looking to defer taxes on the sale of your property? A 1031 exchange might be the solution for you! In this guide, we'll go over the 1031 exchange rules for 2024 and how you …Read more  »

New 2018 Tax Law Impact on Real Estate Owners

December 27th, 2017
Congress has approved sweeping tax cuts and tax reform that have not been tackled by the federal government in over 30 years (since the Tax Reform Act of 1986.). The new tax law, formally referred to as “The Tax Cuts …Read more  »