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Interest Rate Predictions for Next 2 Years: Expert Forecast

May 23rd, 2024
If you're buying a house, refinancing a mortgage, or just keeping an eye on your wallet, understanding the Federal Reserve's interest rate decisions is crucial. These rates affect everything from borrowing costs for cars and homes to the returns you …Read more  »

Interest Rate Predictions for Next 10 Years: Future Trends

May 23rd, 2024
It's the second quarter of 2024, and whether you're eyeing the housing market, considering refinancing, or simply keeping tabs on the economy, one question looms large: what lies ahead for interest rates in the coming decade? Let's delve into the forecasts …Read more  »

Financial Crisis is Growing as 1 in 6 Americans Can’t Pay Bills

May 22nd, 2024
This article explores the growing financial crisis in the US, including the impact of rising costs and stagnant wages. Inflation has been a persistent issue affecting economies worldwide, and the United States is no exception. A recent Federal Reserve study highlighted …Read more  »

FHA Mortgage Rates by Credit Score: 620, 700, 580, 640

May 22nd, 2024
FHA mortgage rates are typically higher than conventional mortgage rates, but they can be a good option for borrowers with lower credit scores or smaller down payments. The minimum credit score for an FHA loan is 580 with a 3.5% …Read more  »

What is Biden’s New Tax Plan 2025: Key Proposals Explained

May 21st, 2024
President Biden's new tax plan, part of his Fiscal Year 2025 budget proposal, has been a topic of significant discussion and analysis. The plan aims to address various economic goals, including reducing the deficit, investing in America, and ensuring that …Read more  »

Interest Rates Predictions for 5 Years: Where Are Rates Headed?

May 15th, 2024
The US economy is a dynamic beast, constantly shifting and shaping the landscape of interest rates. These crucial numbers aren't just abstract statistics; they impact everything from the affordability of your dream home to the cost of financing a business …Read more  »

If The Housing Market Crashes What Happens To Interest Rates?

May 14th, 2024
There is a lot of speculation in the media that the slowing housing market is an indication that the market is headed for a housing crash. People who recall the subprime mortgage crisis are concerned that the recent spike in …Read more  »

List of FDIC-Insured Banks in 2024: Is Your Bank Insured?

May 14th, 2024
When it comes to keeping your hard-earned money safe, one of the most important factors to consider is the financial institution where you choose to deposit it. This is where the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) comes in. The FDIC …Read more  »

Stock Market Predictions Next Week (May 13th)

May 13th, 2024
US Stocks: Up or Down Next Week? The stock market seems to be regaining its footing after a choppy start to May 2024. As we set sail for the week of May 13th, investors are attentively waiting for key economic …Read more  »
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