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How to Reduce Homeowners Insurance Premium?

May 21st, 2024
Many new homeowners are looking for ways to save on their home insurance. Although some seem obvious because they are so highly advertised (bundling with auto, shopping online), there are others that are more subtle. You can get discounts on …Read more  »

Rental Property Insurance: Protect Your Investment Today

April 13th, 2024
What is a Rental Property Insurance? Rental property insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to protect property owners who rent out their properties to tenants. It provides coverage for damages or losses to the rental property caused by …Read more  »

5 Reasons to Hold Real Estate in a Land Trust

April 10th, 2024
Are you a target for tenant lawsuits? Are your assets easy to locate? Do you own rental properties in your own name? You wouldn’t walk around with a financial statement taped to your forehead would you? So why would you …Read more  »

The Important Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing

April 9th, 2024
If you are planning on increasing your wealth, the best investment to deal with is real estate. Investing in real estate has some incredible tax benefits. Other benefits are an increase in property value due to appreciation and good cash …Read more  »

3 Business Structure Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

December 24th, 2018
Starting A Real Estate Investment LLC Why have an LLC? There are mainly two reasons why you want any kind of business structure: Pay less tax, and protect your assets. LLCs can be especially helpful if there are multiple owners of …Read more  »

Urgent – New IRS Rules for LLCs and LPs

October 24th, 2017
The IRS has instituted new audit rules which require every LLC Operating Agreement and Limited Partnership (LP) Agreement to be amended.  While we have never experienced such a dramatic requirement, it is important to make document amendments before December 31, …Read more  »

Understanding Land Trusts (Part 4)

May 12th, 2014
This article is Part 4 of a four-part series on Land Trusts.  You can find Part 1 here: Understanding Land Trusts In the previous installment of the Understanding Land Trusts series, we discussed the Due-on-Sale Clause and how the land …Read more  »

Due-on-Sale Clause – Understanding Land Trusts

April 1st, 2014
This article is Part 3 of a four-part series on Land Trusts.  You can find Part 1 here: Understanding Land Trusts Now you may be asking — how is the land trust going to help me with my lender? The …Read more  »

Why Investors Use Land Trusts

October 12th, 2013
This article is Part 2 of a four-part series on Land Trusts.  You can find Part 1 here: Understanding Land Trusts Investors, attorneys, or CPAs unfamiliar with the use of land trusts often ask me “why would someone consider using …Read more  »