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Experts Predict Mortgage Rates to Be Above 6.5% for Rest of 2024

June 21st, 2024
Freddie Mac's recent forecast paints a picture of a housing market in transition. While the U.S. economy maintains a forward momentum, its pace has eased, and inflation remains a pressing concern for the Federal Reserve. These factors are likely to …Read more  »

Fed Eyes Interest Rate Cut as Economic Pressures Start Shifting

June 19th, 2024
The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States. It plays a vital role in shaping the country's monetary policy. One of the tools at its disposal, which is considered vital, is the manipulation of interest rates. So, …Read more  »

Will Fed Cut Interest Rate in December? Kashkari Hints at Policy Shift

June 19th, 2024
Few steps in the elaborate dance of economic policy are observed with as much anticipation as those of the Federal Reserve interest rate decision. Put simply, the Federal Reserve rate is the mechanism by which the country's central bank attempts …Read more  »

What to Expect for Mortgage Interest Rates Next Week?

June 18th, 2024
Confused about mortgage rates? Get a clear breakdown of this week's trends, next week's forecast, and expert predictions for the rest of 2024. Last week brought a welcome dip in rates, offering a temporary reprieve for potential homebuyers. But before …Read more  »

Mortgage Rates Likely to Decline Further Over the Summer: CPI Report

June 16th, 2024
As the summer progresses, mortgage rates are anticipated to decline further, potentially preventing monthly housing costs from rising excessively. On June 12, daily average mortgage rates dropped to their lowest level in three months following the latest CPI report, which …Read more  »

Is Fed Taming Inflation or Triggering a Housing Crisis?

June 15th, 2024
The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, is facing a dilemma. With inflation on the rise, they've been aggressively raising interest rates to cool things down. However, this approach is generating criticism, particularly regarding its impact on …Read more  »

Bank Failures: Over 120 US Banks Failed Since 2012

June 14th, 2024
The stability of the banking sector is a cornerstone of economic confidence, and the occurrence of bank failures can be a significant indicator of underlying financial health and regulatory effectiveness. Since 2012, the United States has witnessed a fluctuating number of bank failures, reflecting broader …Read more  »

Mortgage Rates Are Predicted to Rise as Fed Avoids Rate Cuts?

June 13th, 2024
The Federal Reserve's recent announcement regarding interest rate cuts has significant implications for the economy, particularly in the housing sector. The central bank's decision to anticipate fewer rate cuts than previously forecasted has raised concerns among experts about the rising cost …Read more  »

Interest Rates Update: Fed Predicts Only One Rate Cut in 2024

June 12th, 2024
The Federal Reserve's June 12 meeting concluded with a cautious approach towards the monetary policy amidst persistent inflation concerns. The Fed has signaled that it may only implement one rate cut this year, a more conservative forecast compared to previous expectations. More cuts …Read more  »
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