Category: Growth Markets

Top 10 Labor Markets in the Country

April 10th, 2024
The landscape of the labor market in the United States has undergone significant changes over the past few years. With the economy rebounding from the pandemic's impact, certain regions have emerged as powerhouses of employment and economic growth. Here, we …Read more  »

What is Warren Buffet’s Take on Real Estate Investment?

April 10th, 2024
Warren Buffett, the renowned investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, has a reputation for his sage investment advice and long-term investment strategy. When it comes to real estate investment, Buffett's approach is no different. He advocates for a patient, value-oriented …Read more  »

What Drives the Real Estate Market?

April 10th, 2024
The real estate market is a complex and dynamic system influenced by a variety of factors. These factors can have a profound impact on property values, investment potential, and market activity. Here, we explore the primary drivers that shape the …Read more  »

Is Income Property Investment a Smart Investment?

April 10th, 2024
Investing in income properties can be a smart financial move, offering the potential for regular income and portfolio diversification. However, it’s crucial for investors to carefully assess their financial situation and risk tolerance before diving in. An income property is …Read more  »

Cash Flow Will NOT Make You Rich

April 10th, 2024
Don't get me wrong. Cash flow is good (assuming it's positive), but absolutely NO one has ever become rich from cash flow alone. Think about that for a minute. Let’s look at a quick example. Let’s say you have a …Read more  »

What to Consider When Hiring a Property Management Company?

April 10th, 2024
If a property owner manages a growing number of investment properties, it’s inevitable that the day will come when they ask, “Should I outsource the day-to-day operations of my business to a property management company?” Deciding when to outsource and …Read more  »

Is Rental Housing Boom Set to Explode in 2024?

April 10th, 2024
The U.S. rental housing market has been a topic of much speculation and analysis, especially as we approach 2024. After a tumultuous period of rapid growth and subsequent cooling, experts are closely watching for signs of what the next phase …Read more  »

5 Reasons to Hold Real Estate in a Land Trust

April 10th, 2024
Are you a target for tenant lawsuits? Are your assets easy to locate? Do you own rental properties in your own name? You wouldn’t walk around with a financial statement taped to your forehead would you? So why would you …Read more  »

8 Common Risks In Rental Property Investing

April 9th, 2024
Like any other business, rental property investing also entails certain risks which you must be aware of. The major risks in rental property investing are risks of high vacancy rates, bad tenants damaging the property, and the possibility of a negative …Read more  »