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The Law of Now

Optimism can only be rewarding if one takes action. Without it, it’s like driving a car that runs out of fuel; you’ll never arrive at your goal. Your past mistakes or apprehension about the future has nothing to do with what you can do today or what you should act upon. Decision-making may be risky but there are great results if it is coupled with a conscious effort to do what is right.

People are generally reluctant to kick start their plans right away because they are either afraid to commit mistakes or they can make foolish decisions. They dread of becoming listless, indifferent to taking a step to realize their potential.

On the opposite, successful investors take action with haste; they decide with conviction, believing that their wrong decisions can eventually catapult them to success. In fact, the anxiety towards avoiding mistakes only keeps one from growing and developing bold decisions. As Orrin Woodward, co-author of “Launching a Leadership Revolution”, admits that he learns more through the bad decisions that he makes instead of not making any decision at all. Thus, leaders, he believes, are bound to be bold to learn and lead.

I must admit too that with all the decisions, big or small, that I made in my real estate investing career, everything turned out successful primarily because I refrained from becoming indecisive. Yes, I have committed mistakes, made erroneous choices, encountered the same difficulties, but none of these have defeated my indefatigable desire to achieve what I want. Consider yourself lucky for hearing the things that work and what doesn’t work in real estate investing. The path to success is ahead of you and with this renewed hope and confidence, you’ll never succumb to failure anymore.

In this moment, use your learning to take action. Although we are uncertain of what the future is and all that we have from the past are our memories, we can leverage these things to our advantage.

Learn from your past so you can take heed of a better future. Prepare yourself for tomorrow but let go first of your emotional baggage from your past as you make your way to a future of formidable mountains to conquer. Your lack of action stems from your fear of failure and indecisiveness is the only thing that you can gain from it.

Believe in the Law of Now: Secure all information. Decide boldly. Take action – NOW. There’s never been a better time but today.

You’ll realize that by doing so, only great things are bound to take place. Don’t be troubled if you find yourself traversing the wrong path for you’ll realize your fault easily if you just act NOW. Haven’t you realized that our society breeds a fear of failure? But entrepreneurs and real estate investors choose to break this mold. They transform their mistakes into rocks to lift themselves up while climbing mountains. They are never afraid of acting on things because they believe that they can always gain significant experience from their decisions.

The Law of Now demands that one must have faith. We must believe that we are creative; that we are able to decide for our own and respond to what is right; that we can rise up from adversity and vow to learn from our mistakes; that we trust the our actions can lead to positive outcomes. Therefore, we’ll only get what we want if we push ourselves forward; if we decide audaciously in the now; and if we keep learning from our mistakes.

Take it from someone I know who has driven himself to bankruptcy after betting in the real estate industry. He may be a disappointment to many but in the eyes of true entrepreneurs and investors, he has gained more life lessons than those who preferred to wait on the sidelines, cowering from the risks that failure may bring to them. Who is much prepared to take on bigger challenges? Who dares to conquer the fear of uncertainty in real estate investing?

We should learn from our past, hope for a better future but always act in the NOW.

  1. Comment by Eric
    March 30th at 6:31 pm 

    Great article and good reminder to take action!


  2. Comment by Richard Session
    August 30th at 3:19 pm 

    Excellent article Marco, definitely a good read!

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