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What’s Your One BIGGEST Real Estate Question?

Children learn by asking questions.  Students learn by asking questions.  Investors learn by asking questions.  People who think that they know it all no longer ask questions – why should they?

The most successful people in life never stop asking questions because they know it’s the best way to gain deeper insights, solve problems, and achieve greater success.

If you keep asking questions you can keep finding better answers.

Real estate and real estate investing is filled with questions because real estate itself is so broad and deep.  In addition to that there are 1001 ways to invest and make money in real estate.  There are just so many ways to be creative, solve problems and create value.

In the last twelve (12) or more years in this business I’ve asked hundreds of questions and learned so much.  I’ve also been asked hundreds, if not thousands, of questions over those years to which I’ve done my best to answer — or learn from and then answer.

Now I’d like to ASK you to ASK me your one BIGGEST real estate question.

I will hand-pick your questions and answer them on the Passive Real Estate Investing podcast, as well as in our future blog articles.

What’s your One BIGGEST Real Estate Question(Click Now)

You can also send me your question by clicking ‘Send Voicemail’  to the right.

  1. Comment by Jason
    March 6th at 10:33 pm 

    Important things you might want to consider when deciding to buy rental property. The first things you must decide are you planning to manage the property yourself or use a property management company. Before purchasing a home in your chosen area, check rental rates. Once you have completed this you will have probably noticed prices decrease with larger square footage homes.

    Now you are armed with the needed information to start your rental property search. If you perform a quick internet search regarding rental property you will see the term ROI (return on investment). What a lot of sites fail to mention when speaking of ROI are tax benefits you will be entitled to. These benefits along with property depreciation can off set your current taxes.

  2. Comment by Mary O’Neil
    March 15th at 8:22 pm 

    As another agent, my biggest question is, ‘what’s the future of real estate?’ More and more I think technology is changing the field.

    I think it’s absolutely true that in a few years, a buyer can go to some website somewhere, find a house, and submit that to some sort of “Fair Pricing Engine” (“FPE” hereafter) powered by Fannie/Freddie. FPE kicks back a price — it’s an AVM! We all know how much the industry hates AVMs, like the Zestimate, right? FPE also includes various TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) figures for the property, drawn from the appraisal data that the UAD has, combined with some algorithm (Bernice Ross above).

    At the end of it, FPE literally says, “We will finance 82% of this home” and gives you the maximum mortgage a bank will write on that home.

    Buyer clicks “Purchase Home”, and the machinery of contract, closing, etc. go into action. And please let’s not pretend that the actual process of going from contract to close is something that requires the average REALTOR. If there’s been significant automation in real estate technology in the past several years, it’s in making the paperwork more efficient. Digital signatures, online forms, offshore transaction coordinators, title and escrow companies, etc. etc. are all kind of a machine that can run itself.

    Sure, the marketing and the showing buyers around… I imagine companies would pop up to do that for a fixed fee. I mean, we already have a lot of “$495 for MLS entry” companies no?

    The contract? Hire a lawyer for like $750 to do that part for you. No sane person will be paying the 6% commission.

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