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Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors | Podcast

Passive Real Estate Investing Podcast

The number one problem most real estate investors face today is knowing “how to protect” not “what to protect.”  Caught between attorneys, tax professionals, and self-proclaimed gurus, the average real estate investor finds himself awash in the quagmire of information and ideas with little coherency.

In this episode we talk to asset protection attorney Clint Coons to examine some of the entities and strategies used by real estate investors to protect their wealth.

Unfortunately, the reality is that most professionals do not understand the complex nature of real estate asset protection from the legal and tax perspective.  As a result you are left with a piece-meal plan based upon a fragmented stream of advice that seldom allows you to feel secure in your planning.

Clint is a successful real estate investor and the manager of Anderson Business Advisors and Law Group.

Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors | PREI 010

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