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Warren Buffet on Best Real Estate Investment

Recently on CNBC, Warren Buffett stated that he would buy “millions” of single family homes if he had the means to manage them.  The more interesting comment he made during his interview was that houses will be a better investment than stocks over the long term.  A powerful comment coming from a person who built his business (and fortune) selling securities.  [Watch the video.]

It was also announced on CNBC that pending homes sales in January rose to its highest level since April 2010.  This is significant considering that back in early 2010 there was a first-time home buyer tax incentive that helped fuel the housing market.

Warren Buffet didn’t mention that banks lend money on real estate but not on stocks.

Given today’s historically low interest rates, and property values well off their 2007 peaks, there may never be a better time to invest in real estate.

  1. Comment by Lisa Egstad
    February 28th at 11:43 am 

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  2. Comment by Roy Shipley
    February 28th at 12:29 pm 

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  3. Comment by Marty
    February 28th at 4:32 pm 

    WB might be a bit out of touch with the home lending market as I doubt the banks are going to give us too many 30 year loans for homes that we are expected to live in. One purchase of a home OK but from that point on the loan terms are going to change as it will be clear that you don’t intend to live in all the homes.

  4. Comment by Ron Harris
    February 28th at 6:18 pm 

    Marty, you are correct to a degree. Banks will lend to 4 houses (this changed from 12, 10, 4, some to 10 etc depending on who is buying the paper) on your personal name. When you go beyond 4 you typically have to go to commercial lending. I am sure when the market picks back up that lending will become less stringent.

    Here in Oklahoma, the market is great compared to rest of the states. Our available inventory of houses on market is down, home sales price is rising, jobs are BOOMING, companies are relocating to Oklahoma and MORE. People are coming in for those jobs/relocating which means they need a place to rent or buy. Rents are going UP! Owner financing is growing. Banks are begging, err wanting to lend and wanting more customers.

    Why, Oklahoma is so good, I think everyone that reads this needs to move to Oklahoma and also invest!

  5. Comment by matthew
    February 29th at 9:41 am 

    Great video!!

  6. Comment by Keith
    February 29th at 2:18 pm 

    Don’t buy a house until after the 2012 Election! If Obama is Re-Elected, move to South America, If you care about your family. Georges Soros and Obama will Destroy the US Dollar, but that’s just Money. The sad truth is Obama is a (Radical Muslim) and wants us the Infidel Dead! That is the Cold Hard Fact! Believe me or not, I’m getting out now, while we still can! Obama’s plan is a Chemical Attack from high flying Jets! Start looking at the jet trails in the sky, they don’t go away! With 50% of our Population dead, Obama will blame Iran! Our next War!

  7. Comment by Mitch
    February 29th at 3:23 pm 

    I agree with Keith… it is time for him to move to South America!

  8. Comment by Jodi Summers
    March 1st at 12:59 am 

    When the “Oracle of Omaha” offers investment advice, it’s worth a listen…

  9. Comment by Lynden
    March 4th at 2:01 pm 

    I don’t speak Spanish. Oklahoma is sounding good though.

  10. Comment by Jillian Cariola
    March 5th at 2:38 am 

    It just goes to show how profitable a real estate investment can be, that a man like Warren Buffett would swear by it.

  11. Comment by Keith
    March 5th at 8:41 pm 

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  12. Comment by Bob
    March 6th at 7:26 am 

    Dude… what crack pipe have you been smoking? It was worth a good laugh though. I am way more worried about the type of Shariah Law that Santorum and the rest of his zany right wing religous zealots have in mind for us. That is what you should really be worried about!

  13. Comment by Keith
    March 7th at 2:54 am 

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  14. Comment by Keith
    March 7th at 3:54 am 

    Yes, I tell all my Liberal freinds listen to Obama and Warren Buffet, America is doing Great now, go out and buy that new house. When gas went to $2.35 a gallon under Bush, Obama said Bush was in bed with (Big Oil)! Now after 3 years of Obama and Gas at $4.50 a gallon, I don’t hear the Libs! Un-employment from 4.2% to 9.5%, I don’t hear the Libs! In the real world unemployment is over 30%, about 10% a year for Obama. What about food doubled? What about foreclosers doubled in 3 years and will double again, if this Muslim is re-elected! What about 32% of Blacks out of work since Obama took office, what’s up with that? Good thing Obama is Black or they would call that (Racism)! You know how the Libs like to play that (race card). Leave it to the Libs, to put a (Radical Muslim) in the White House, I love it.

  15. Comment by Pops
    March 7th at 2:06 pm 

    If anyone still reads this, Keith is actually correct on several points. However, when has Americans ever ran from a fight especially when it’s on our soil. A war is coming, when is to be determined and against what governments, for what is where the races are now. Eventually China & Germany will figure out that Obama has talked them into lending way too much money. The real question is what has the Federal Reserve, that is not owned by the US government, and Obama promised for collateral? There is no way a country would allow TENS of TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO BE GIVIEN WITHOUT SOME SORT OF COLLATERAL OR GUARENTEE AND THAT’S JUST COMMON SENSE. Oh, and contrary to anyone’s belief the dollar is not backed by any precious metal like gold or silver it is called a fiat currency and is supposedly backed by our economy that is not doing very great, it is better, but can still go sideways at the drop of a hat.

  16. Comment by Ryan
    August 9th at 11:43 pm 

    Berkshire provides funding for mobile homes through one of it’s subsidiaries.They want the cash-flow from the notes, not the burden of holding the underlying asset.

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