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Decide If You Want to Be Secure, Comfortable, or Rich

Before you can become rich, you must decide whether you want to be secure, comfortable, or rich.  These are called core values, or the reasons you want to invest.

The first reason most people invest is because they want to feel more secure.  That’s why Social Security or a retirement plan is very popular with people whose core value is the need for security.  Security is a very important aspect of investing.  You don’t want to be a destitute out on the streets with nobody taking care of you.

Unfortunately, many people who are counting on government or their employer to provide for their retirement will be sorely disappointed.  One of the primary motivators for my writing and educating people is so they can be prepared.  A person who invests to be secure or values security will always say, “Well, I have to have a roof over my head and I need to put food on my table.”  Their whole orientation is security or survival.

The next level above security is to be comfortable.  They say, “I just want …”  They want the house, the second vacation house, or the extra car.  They want to take a cruise every now and then.  Their highest priority is the need to be comfortable.

The third core value that motivates people is wanting to be rich.  Most people dream of becoming rich but if the dream of becoming rich disturbs any of the lower core value of security or comfort, they’ll forsake being rich.

They’ll dream of being rich but if means giving up a safe, secure job, then being rich remains a dream.  If it’s just too much trouble to become rich and they’re comfortable as the moment, then they won’t pursue becoming rich.  Those are the three core emotional reasons why certain people choose certain investment paths.  Money is just an idea.  It’s a formulation of the mental, emotional, and spiritual ideas inside of you that determine what you ultimately become.

Starting from the age of nine, I had already made the decision to become rich.  I quickly learned that to become rich I had to be willing to feel unsecure and uncomfortable.  That realization was a big factor in becoming rich.  Most people have not made that decision.  There isn’t a right or wrong decision, but it’s very important to make a decision.

If you are not willing to give up your comfort or security for the sake of being rich, there is nothing wrong with that.  But, if that’s true for you, then that’ll determine what type of investor you ultimately become.

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